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Zooper Cruise: A magical ride at Pasig River

Filipinos are using the Pasig River Ferries everyday, 400 of them according to Manila Metropolitan Development Authority (MMDA) but must be one of the means of transportation of thousands more not just by hundreds, so what hinders them? The Philippines has many beautiful local tourist attractions, yet many Filipinos as well as foreign tourists have not yet discovered the beauty of Metro Manila. Zoomanity Group with an aim to promote education and environmental conservation of Pasig River launches Zooper Cruise, a zooper unique cruise experience under Zoomanity Foundation and for the rehabilitation of the Pasig River.

Just this February 14, 2017 at 4PM in the afternoon, Zoomanity Group serenaded travelers with love songs, sweet souvenirs, delicious and authentic Chinese cuisine and an experience they will never forget via our newest attraction "The Love Boat." For only Php 1,400.00 per head, the participants had a magical ride.

Top 5 things to do in and around Moalboal Cebu

1. Canyoning at Alegria - the canyoning experience starting in Alegria and finishing in Badian after passing through the famous Kawasan waterfalls is becoming world famous after several recent high profile tv documentaries beamed to audiences worldwide. Conquer a fear of heights jumping from heights of up to 23m into crystal clear water and continue your journey on floating down the Kanalob river.

2. Oslob Whaleshark interaction - the whaleshark viewing place in Oslob on the Southern tip of Cebu is becoming renowned for the guaranteed opportunity to swim with several Whalesharks at once. Surrounded in controversy due to the constant feeding of a diet of usually small shrimp to entice the animals to return day after day. Recently the Miss Universe contestants were filmed swimming with the Whalesharks, as polarizing as it is to peoples opinions it is one of the few sites in the world where swimming with these magnificent animals is all but guaranteed.

3. Sardine Run - either diving or …

#2017TravelBucketlist: Things to Consider While Planning Your Next Trip by TRAVELPROS

Travel has become one of the well-planned activity that usually requires attention and preparation. From airfare, hotel accommodation, itinerary, travel documentation and insurances. This is one hell of hard work to do but through an organized plan, your journey will never be as chaotic and squabble all along.

And speaking of organized travel management, Take Off Philippines just partnered with Travelpros, One of the Best Travel Agencies in the Country, a pillar in Local and International Tour Package Services since 1993. Member of PTAA and IATA. The pioneers in mall-based ticketing operations to help you out in all your travel concerns.

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