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Look! Space Wars inspired suite room at Victoria Court Hotel

It was an epic experience during the launching of Victoria Court’s Space Wars thematic suite room at their branch in Canley Street, Pasig City last June 9, 2016.  A party celebration has been held for selected guests and celebrities who attended this event with a sci-fi experience of their newest room.

The room was upstairs the garage, and I was surprised when a Stormtrooper armed with his blaster greeted us at the entry way of the automatic blast door.     I was totally in amazement with delight when I saw the full view of the room at the doorway, it seems I was transported in Space Wars galaxy, everything from ceiling, walls and flooring are intergalactic in design.  It was even more surrealistic when I keep hearing that Tan tan tan tan tan sound ...  the theme song of Star Wars .. with matching smoke coming from somewhere. 

What’s inside Space Wars Suite Room?
Windows with a space view Look at that! It seems you're out of this world with those sparkling stars and galaxies at those …

Manila Pavilion's Father's Day Treats

Father's Day is just around the corner and if you haven't had any idea on how and where to spend it with your best DAD, check this wonderful recommendation from one of the finest hotel in Manila:

Father’s Day comes but once a year. On Sunday, June 19, make the most of this wondrous occasion by matching Dad’s big appetite with the liberty to choose from our eat-all-you-can lunch for only Php1,200 nett at our interactive lifestyle restaurant, Seasons. To make this lip-smacking fare even more invigorating, Super dads with group of four or more will receive special gifts from our sponsors Metro Dental, Tony & Jackey and Asian Brewery.
           At Patisserie, Manila Pavilion’s French-style pastry shop, present Dad with our heavenly cake of the month Chocolate Entremet, layered of milk chocolate sponge and strudel, passion fruit parfait, mint caramel, milk chocolate mousse and glazed that is perfect with its gooeyness will surely win Dad’s sweet tooth.  Furthermore, a red-carpe…

Food Review: Marites Homestay and Restaurant in Pagudpud

Where to eat in Pagudpud?  A budget friendly restaurant in Pagudpud that serves authentic Ilocano food and other Filipino dishes.

What better way to experience a local destination is also to experience the taste of its authentic local dishes.  We were fortunate enough when we stayed in Marites Homestay because we didn’t have to worry about where to eat and what to eat, as Marites Homestay and Restaurant serve a variety of dish offerings on their menu.
From the time we checked-in until our checkout, we were served grandly with their kind service and generous servings of food, that each platter of food could serve up to three persons for a budget friendly cost.

Our first taste of their menu was when we were served with a heavy snack, Pancit canton for me and my daughter’s friend and Pancit bihon for my daughter.  Although I was not that hungry, I managed to finish eating the serving on my plate because I love the taste, it has the taste of Pinoy Pancit Canton that I like, the tasty so…

Bringing Thai Cuisine Back Home With You

One of the things that people miss the most when they come back home after a long vacation is the food. Trying out the dishes of a new country is one of the most underappreciated elements of any vacation. But the people who really want to take in the culture of a new place will dig right in.
There are many countries out there than offer amazing and unique food and drink. Many of the best ones are imported as delicacies and restaurant niches. Mexican, Chinese, Italian - we’re all familiar with them because we can try them out without flying to another country. But it’s always much better when you go to the country itself and try the food right there in its homeland. And there are few places in which this is truer than in Thailand.

A vacation in Thailand is seen as one of the most exotic and luxurious getaways you can embark on. And though we have a lot of Thai cuisine outlets in this country, it’s simply not as widespread as many others. But it’s easily one of the finest foreign…

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