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Celebrate Mother's Day at Manila Pavilion Hotel

We all love our Moms and on occasions like Mother’s Day, most of us would want to give her something which she could always remember. Maybe a staycation to one of Manila’s most luxurious Hotel would be a nice idea if you haven’t planned one yet. 

Here’s Manila Pavilion’s wonderful package treat offer to Moms on Mother’s Day.. 
     Your mother is walking miracles to you. This Mother’s day show your appreciation and love for her by treating her to a lavish Sunday brunch, the Manila Pavilion Hotel crowns the queen of our hearts with awe-inspiring offerings that is sure to make her feel truly special. Reward your mom with genuine affection by allowing her to celebrate the joy of being a mother. 
     Indulge her appetite with a sumptuous Mother’s Day Special Buffet lunch on May 08 at our very own interactive lifestyle …

Ten Interesting Places to visit in South of Manila

The Philippines is filled with tourist destinations that are hailed all over the world. Most people get the impression that to find the finest places to visit in the country, you have to travel and spend more. However, this is not the case especially if you will just explore the most interesting places to visit without getting out of the Metro. The South of Metro Manila alone already offers a range of options for travelers, adventure seekers, and even for fun-loving locals. 
Have you really taken the time to know how the majestic Bamboo organ of Las Pinas sounds like? Or have you even thought of discovering the wonders that you are sure to experience at the Mind Museum in Taguig City? These are just some of the amazing places to visit in the South of Metro Manila and there is more to explore!
Here’s an infographic from Paseo Verde at Real, a condominiumin Las PiƱas, about the Top 10 Interesting Places to visit in the South.
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Unexpected Honeymoon Destinations You Should Go To!

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After your big day, it’s amazing to head off on honeymoon with your new husband. A lot of people choose similar vacations such as New York, Paris or Rome for their break away. But why not choose something a bit different that you will love. Here are some unexpected honeymoon destinations you should go to.
A lot of people tend to go Australia during their gap year, or as a long family break, but not many people choose to go for their honeymoon. But Australia is a fantastic place which would be perfect. Sydney, in particular, is a great place to go together. It’s ideal for sightseeing, and there are so many shows on that you can see at Sydney Opera House. As we talked about previously, why not go on a romantic helicopter ride over the city. Or if you are feeling adventurous, perhaps you could try shark diving or even a Skywalk at Sydney Tower. Be prepared for the long plane ride there and back; at least you can talk about the wedding!
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Morocco is a po…

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