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A Taste of Tuscany at Manila Pavilion's Seasons

Seasons, Manila Pavilion Hotel’s lifestyle restaurant welcomes the start of the holiday season with its first themed dinner buffet starting this October 23. A festive selection of Italian dishes exclusively prepared by a naturally born Italian himself, executive chef Giovanni Sias and his award-winning culinary team.

Tuscany is a splendid place located in central Italy. It has a rich heritage and culture which have attracted tourists from all corners of the globe. Tuscan cooking is characterized much like its beautiful landscape that is clean, sober and soothingly simple. To give a taste of Tuscany to Manila Pavilion’s esteemed guests, Seasons presents a smorgasbord of authentic Italian specialties.

California's Best Foodie Destinations

Damian Gadal

One of the best ways to explore the world is through eating. Anyone who likes to try new food enjoys having new experiences when they visit somewhere they've never been to before. Some people put a lot more emphasis on their culinary experiences than others. They might even label themselves as "foodies". Foodies often choose their vacation destinations based on where they can eat well. They want to spend their time munching their way through a new city. There are many wonderful places to go for excellent food, from Japan to South Africa. Even though America has a reputation for unhealthy food, the country has a lot to offer. California, in particular, has lots of great foodie destinations.

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