May 1, 2015

Summer Outing at a resort in Morong, Bataan

Last Saturday I was able to bring with me my family on our company outing in a beach resort in Morong, Bataan.  Although it was not our first time to go to Morong, Bataan, we’re still excited because we will be exploring a different resort.  Any place we haven’t explored yet always excites us.

I was the one who was tasked in our company to facilitate the outing wherein the time frame was short to be able to scout different resorts.  Booking a resort for a company outing during March is already difficult as most are already fully booked for the whole summer.  With the limited time that I had, I did not think of other location, but Morong Bataan because of its distance, not so crowded beaches, affordability, and availability of the resort to accommodate a big group.

I searched on the internet, first on Google, then on travel sites like Agoda, and Hotel Travel, and then on Facebook. I called up several beach resorts, which have nice reviews, but some were either too expensive or fully booked on our target date, which was either 18th or 25th of April (Saturday).  The only one I searched on Facebook was the one which seems to fit what we are looking for, and so I booked one room for us and a big pavilion for a one day tour for the whole company at the Juness Beach Resort. 

My family and I arrived at Juness Beach Resort on the night of 24th, past 11 p.m.  The gates were already closed but there are two people at the reception area, one is the lady receptionist and the guy caretaker who opened the gate when he saw our car stopped at their metal bar gate.  We arrived late because we left Manila at 4 pm and we had stopovers, one in Petron, NLEX for a snack and the other one at Subic Harbor Point Mall which we supposed to have dinner, but ended up malling instead.  We had our dinner at Wimpy’s, our favorite burger restaurant when we are in Subic.

Approximately after an hour travel from Subic, we arrived at Juness Beach Resort, upon entering the reception area the receptionist greeted us and gave us a few instructions and house rules before we were led towards our room on the second floor.   

Our room is a Deluxe room with one queen sized bed and 2 extra mattresses just enough for us couple and our three kids.  The room is equipped with basic necessities such as an air conditioning unit, closet cabinet, vanity cabinet, toilet with cold shower and conventional electrical outlets. 


There are only three rooms on the second floor, Standard room just right up front the stairs, Deluxe room where we are booked and adjacent to that is the Superior room.  Outside the rooms is a common living area with rattan sofas and mini dining set.  I never sat on the sofas because it has no cushions probably because they are due for repair as they are already in poor condition, but the dining chairs are quite okay.  Not quite sure if each floor has living areas with the same furniture condition because I didn’t explore the upper levels.

It was the following morning that we were able to roam around the resort and the beach.  The place is not that big, but it is quiet and peaceful, remote from other resorts.  You can only hear noise during day time from the blazing sound coming from those people using their rented videoke, and happy people having fun.

The resort has two swimming pools, one is located in front of our rented pavilion, which is free to use and the other one is a big inflatable kiddie pool with a fee of Php50.00.  The resort also has grilling area which is also free to use.  
Swimming pool at the resort
Big inflatable kiddle pool with 3 feet deep water

Other than swimming, there are also other activities you can enjoy at the resort such as singing with a videoke and billiards.  They also offer activities at the beach such as kayaking, beach biking, ride a banana boat, boat touring and beach volleyball.  You don’t have to go to the front desk to ask for those facilities on the beach because the operators are the ones approaching the visitors to offer their facility.

Our company outing turned out okay despite some engine trouble happened to the bus during their travel on the way to Morong, Bataan that they had to transfer bus.  They arrived safely at the resort as well as when they get back to their own homes.  At the end of the day, it was the spirit of camaraderie that emanates from such kind of bonding which was the objective of this company outing.

Swimming at the beach

The whole group who joined this year's company outing in front of the big Pavillion

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