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Resort type villas and houses in Spain

When you travel and found your temporary resting place comfortable just like the comfort of your home, you would often make a remark such as “A home away from home!” or “A relaxing and ideal place to stay!” and other remarkable comments you could utter to express your appreciation of that wonderful place you would be staying in for awhile while you're on your vacation.

Visiting the Legendary Hero at Mactan Shrine

While Manila has Rizal park with Dr. Jose Rizal’s statue holding a book, in Cebu they have Lapu-Lapu shrine.  Both are iconic monument which represents a significant mark in the history of the Philippines.  If you are a first time visitor in Cebu City the first thing a tourist guide would tell you is about the history of Lapu-Lapu, the mighty Filipino warrior who fought for freedom from Portuguese colonizer headed then by Ferdinand Magellan, who died in battle from Lapu-Lapu’s sword.  So there, at Mactan shrine the Cebuanos, locals of Cebu, made a replica of him by building a bronze statue of Lapu-Lapu years ago,  which I guess twice his size, wearing necklace made of wild animals fangs, round gold earrings, and a ‘bahag’ male lower garment and holding his battle sword and shield which symbolizes his bravery.

Dubai- A Unique Combination Of Attractive Destinations

Guest Post by Sheeza Nehal

     Dubai is one of the most designed places with a lot of attractions all around the city. Originally it was just a wasteland but now due to modifications it becomes the perfect combination of Arabic customs and modern innovations. As a result the city becomes the most eye catching vacationer location of everyone.

Choose the perfect accommodation for rent in Spain

I was surprised to find out that Spain’s main tourism was generated from their summer resorts and beaches, that is because I was browsing this website – and their accommodations offerings are mostly near the beach, so when I located Spain on the map it shows there that it is surrounded by long stretches of coasts from the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic ocean.  So when I find out about it my curiosity and interest to visit Spain grew further because I love nature specifically beaches and this website has introduced me to more regions in Spain that are never familiar to me before. 

Started 2014 with a visit to a historic site in Manila

Fort Santiago

     I started New year 2014 by visiting one of the historic sites of Manila which is Intramuros.  Together with my family on January 1, 2014 we explored the old Spanish streets and buildings that are mostly closed for the holiday.  We sought for the two oldest churches in San Augustine and Manila Cathedral in the assumptions that they may be open for Catholic patrons to pray and tourists who want to witness the grandiose structure inside but we were sorry that they too were closed, but we couldn’t hide away from admiring the massive structure that are stoned art and heavily carved on its walls and pillars.   So we moved on forward to the nearest tourist destination inside Intramuros which is Fort Santiago.

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