December 18, 2013

Camping experience at a resort in Olongapo

Family camping at Ocean View Resort Olongapo City

    For a change we tried camping out with the kids last summer at Ocean View Resort in Olongapo.  This was not the first time for me and my hubby to try this kind of outing experience and in fact this has been our 4th time but this time together with our three kids.  Although Ocean View Resort has different accommodations like enclosed cottages and hotel rooms for their guests they are allowing campers to settle on the beach, they only collect payment for the entrance fee which is PHP 120.00 for adult and PHP 90.00 for kids beyond 12 years old, and also campers has an option to rent an open cottage which I recommend for your source of electricity.  They have different cottage sizes for small and large group starting from PHP 1,200.00.

     We planned to stay there for overnight only so we brought our food which I cooked the night before, and usually when we have outings like this Chicken Pork Adobo is always our menu because aside from its easy to cook its shelf life is longer because of its ingredients like vinegar, soy sauce and spices which preserves its edibility up to three days even if it's not kept in a refrigerator. Aside from Adobo, we had grilled chicken which we bought in Olongapo City before we head straight to the resort after our mini-tour in Subic.

Family Camping at Ocean View beach resort

     Ocean View Resort is about 15 minutes drive from Subic and just in time that the sun fades away my hubby was able to set up our tent.  Because it was summer that time most of the open cottages near the beach were occupied and so our rented cottage were far from it and that’s where we settled near our tent.  Good thing though because we were also near our car that some of our things were there like our electric appliances, yes we bought some of our kitchen appliances like rice cooker, microwave oven and coffee maker.  It may sound funny but it made our life less miserable especially me whose in-charge in preparing our food for our camping adventure.  

Family camping at Ocean View beach resort

     We did night swimming in the beach but did not stay long because it was cold and we were chilling due to air breeze and our skin got itchy after swimming in there so we took a shower immediately.  I got a little disappointed because the white sand that I used to admire the last time I visited the place is not the same as it was.  Cement sand is laid near the shore which made the sand look dirty so the following day we did not swim on the beach.  They have a pool where we contented ourselves swimming, it is divided into two, for kids and adults.  Our children enjoyed the slide and good thing the pool is partly shaded so we did not have a sunburn and had more time to swim the whole day which was perfect to soothe the summer’s heat which registered at 36 degrees that day.

     Although we did not enjoy swimming in the beach that much we however enjoyed our family camping experience at the resort because we had more bonding moment and was able to appreciate the nature around.

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