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Beach resort in Sariaya, Quezon

Swimming pool in Villa del Prado beach resort

     Sometimes there are travels which are unplanned which will push through when time and resources connives with what the majority want.  Just like this one long weekend when we went to a beach resort in Sariaya, Quezon, it was an unplanned trip to the beach with the family, it just emanated when one of my daughter simply would like to go for a swim in our clubhouse but her sister want to go out of town on a weekend and suddenly I want to go to the beach.   Finally we ended our conversation in going to a beach resort within a short proximity from Metro Manila.  Our choices were Batangas, Olongapo and Quezon, but the latter won the vote because we haven’t been to any beaches in Quezon.   

     We found Villa Del Prado beach resort through my friend Mr. Google, Lol! He has always been my best advisor for places to go.  When I checked their rate it is very affordable and the amenities in their website are pretty much enticing but we have to see if its the same in reality. 

     Travel time to Sariaya, Quezon from our location in Cainta is four hours drive.  We left the house at 5:00 a.m. took the C-5 road through South Luzon Expressway, turned right to Calamba Interchange and took the highway all the way through Santo Tomas, Batangas, Alaminos up to San Pablo City straight to Tiaong,Quezon and after the town of Candelaria is the town proper of Sariaya, Quezon.  From the Maharlika highway we just followed the sign board of the resort which is posted at every intersection which took us thirty minutes to locate the site.

Long slide with loops at Villa del Prado beach resort

     An impressive and enticing view of swimming pool welcomed us at the entrance of the resort, the blue water of the pool is so inviting for me but the children are more excited to get on the loops.  We took a stroll first inside so we can decide where to start our activity since it was still early we have time to have a swim before preparing our food for lunch.   

Big pavillions at Villa del Prado beach resort
kids playground at Villa del Prado beach resort
Kids playground
Garden at Villa del Prado beach resort
life size crocodile sculpture at Villa del Prado beach resort
life size crocodile sculpture
life size tiger sculpture at Villa del Prado beach resort
life size tiger sculpture
Activities on the beach at Villa del Prado beach resort
activities on the beach
black sand beach at Villa del Prado beach resort
black sand beach
    Some activities to enjoy on the beach aside from swimming is boating, a boatman will take you in the midst of the sea for fish watching, this will last for 30 minutes and costs Php 1,200 for 6 persons.  They have floating slides on the beach which is free to use by adults and kids.  There is a rubber life saver for rent which costs Php200.00 per day.  There’s a volleyball net which is free to use.  There’s also a kiddie playground for little tots who seemed they never got tired of swimming and running on the sand.  It’s a great relief for me as I just have to let them play there while I am in the covered swing resting and looking over at them.
What to do on the beach at Villa del Prado beach resort
fun filled activities on the beach
     There was no dull moment in our whole day stay on the beach, it was filled with fun and activities that we enjoyed.

     For the latest rates and package, you can check their website at

Resort name - Villa del Prado beach resort
Address - Bignay 1, Sariaya, Quezon
Contact Number - 042-525-6311

You may want to check out also other resorts at nearby towns:

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