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My First Trip To Thailand: Exploring A Different Culture

With its beautiful scenery, rich culture, colorful markets and interesting people, Thailand is a great place to visit. Each year there are millions of travelers who excitedly visit the country and discover its incredible sights. Once you experience the spirit of Thailand, you wouldn't want to leave. This is exactly how I felt about this place. I had always wanted to visit the country, see its golden beaches, experience wildlife, see Big Buddha in Phuket and all the rest of the tourist attractions this lovely place offer. But once I went there, I realized all

Tailor made safari tour

Most travel packages I have encountered on the website offered by travel agencies are fixed itineraries that would often lead me to dropping down the travel package because there were locations or activity included that I am not interested in joining which constituted in the package cost. Because of this, me and my family would often resort to online search for every possible most sought after tourist site and with the high number of positive reviews and by doing this it would take some time to end up with a nice itinerary that would fit

How to Travel with Kids in a Happy Mood?

Travelling with kids is always a daunting task. The kids are very reactive and they can create a mess while going to some new place. But with some efforts you can prevent your travel from being a nightmare. You have to keep your trip a simple to avoid tiredness. You know that kids get exhausted immediately. Taking care of kid’s mood will help you to avoid the tension during the travel. Here are some ideas which can keep your kids happy and in turn you will be happy.

Best hotel to stay in Lake Garda Italy

If you happen to visit the lake Garda in Italy you may want to consider  booking your stay in this newly renovated hotel and restaurant in Caprino Veronese called Albergo al Vignol.  The website is default in Italian but thanks to Google it will translate it for you.  From my search for others who reviewed this hotel it has a high regard and recommendation by most tourists who have already stayed at that hotel. 

Lake Garda - Italy's nature tourist attraction

The first things that come to my mind when we speak about Italy are the famous historical structures like the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Colloseum for its popularity amongst tourist plus it was taught and included in class subject in literature during high school.  Little do I  know about Italy’s nature attraction until I came across the top ten most visited places in Italy which is Lake Garda the biggest lake in Italy located in the Northern region.

Camping experience at a resort in Olongapo

For a change we tried camping out with the kids last summer at Ocean View Resort in Olongapo.  This was not the first time for me and my hubby to try this kind of outing experience and in fact this has been our 4thtime but this time together with our three kids.  Although Ocean View Resort has different accommodations like enclosed cottages and hotel rooms for their guests they are allowing campers to settle on the beach, they only collect payment for the entrance fee which is PHP 120.00 for adult and PHP 90.00 for kids beyond 12 years old, and also campers has an option to rent an open cottage which I recommend for your source of electricity.  They have different cottage sizes for small and large group starting from PHP 1,200.00.

Tourist Attractions of Shimla

Situated amidst the serenity of nature’s wealth, Shimla is one of the most famous hill resorts in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. This beautiful station is perched atop to the height of about 2421 m above the sea level. Moreover, the bumpy landscape of Shimla is encompassed by lofty pine and deodar trees. This destination’s verdant valley form a picturesque landscape embracing the royalty of the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas. Shimla was once a summer resort for British, therefore, besides being a nature’s delight, it is dotted with charming Victorian architectural relics. Read on to this article and know about the famous tourist attractions of this place which you must visit while travelling to Shimla.

Dive Point Alcoy: Best Resort Near Oslob Whale Shark Watching

The once sleepy seaside town in southern Cebu has awakened in recent years. What used to be a secret among travelers and a weekend escape for some has now attracted many visitors both locally and internationally. Southern Cebu has a rich natural beauty specifically its beaches, diving and colonial churches. Perhaps, the most famous is whale shark watching in the town of Oslob.

Beach resort in Sariaya, Quezon

Sometimes there are travels which are unplanned which will push through when time and resources connives with what the majority want.  Just like this one long weekend when we went to a beach resort in Sariaya, Quezon, it was an unplanned trip to the beach with the family, it just emanated when one of my daughter simply would like to go for a swim in our clubhouse but her sister want to go out of town on a weekend and suddenly I want to go to the beach.   Finally we ended our conversation in going to a beach resort within a short proximity from Metro Manila.  Our choices were Batangas, Olongapo and Quezon, but the latter won the vote because we haven’t been to any beaches in Quezon.   

Myanmar is now visa free travel for Filipinos

image from Flickr
     This is great news to all my fellow Filipinos because President Benigno Aquino III and Myanmar President Thein Sein just signed up a memorandum of agreement about visa free entry to Philippines and vice versa.  Filipinos are allowed to enter and stay in Myanmar up to a maximum of 14 days without having the hassle to apply for a visa. When I heard this news I immediately got an interest to include Myanmar in my future travel plans outside the Philippines, as I am eyeing those countries that are easy for a traveller to visit as long as there is a valid passport to present to the country’s immigration.

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