November 3, 2013

Dinner in the hut at Mer-Ben's Tapsilogan Tagaytay

Mer-Ben Tapsilogan facade

Mer-Ben Tapsilogan

     We decided to have dinner outside Canyon Woods after having the kids swim in the pool and also we still want to discover and try out other restaurants in Tagaytay.  Beef is abundant in Tagaytay because most cattle industries are in Batangas that supplied the freshest beef meat in most of the restaurants and markets in the nearby towns, and I guess all restaurants in Tagaytay has Bulalo and Tapa as staple in their menu.   We considered Mer-Ben because we got some positive feedback about their Tapsilog menu.  Tapsilog is a short term for Tap – Tapa, Si- Sinangag (fried rice) and Log – itlog (egg) and when it usually comes with other variants or combinations like Chicsilog (chicken,sinangag,itlog) Longsilog (Longanisa,sinangag,itlog) and Tocilog (Tocino,sinangag,itlog)and among many other fried food which can be combined with fried rice and either scrambled egg or sunny side-up.

About the place:

     We easily found the place as their big signage along the Hi-way is fully lighted at night, their facade is spacious with parking spaces, big dining areas at the main restaurant which has three floors, but what interests us are the nipa huts outside the restaurant which is a bit private and good also for family bonding.  Just when were outside the stairs going up the restaurant we were approached and greeted by their friendly waitress and lead us to other vacant huts at the back since all the huts in front were taken.  The huts have same sizes and made of bamboo structure and dried palm leaves rooftop which could accommodate up to 10-12 persons inside. 

About the food:

     When we saw Mer-Ben’s menu they also offer Bulalo and other Filipino recipe food, which changed or minds to try out their other food on their menu which were enticing on photo. Our food was served to us in less than 30 minutes.    
Tapsilog menu of Mer-Ben Tapsilogan
Crispy Lechon menu of Mer-Ben Tapsilogan
Crispy Lechon (Deep fried pork loin) 
Chopsuey menu of Mer-Ben Tapsilogan
Chopsuey (sauteed vegetables with soy and oyster sauce)
Camaron Rebosado menu of Mer-Ben Tapsilogan
Camaron Rebosado (Fried Shrimp) with Thousand Island sauce 
      The food were served hot and freshly cooked, I liked their Tapa it was perfectly marinated as it could be tasted inside its tender meat, but its partner scrambled egg is a bit sloppy and the fried rice is quite good.  Their Crispy lechon tastes good but not all parts are crispy which is the fat portion which comprises the skin of the pork which I guess was not properly deep fried.  All the vegetables in their Chopsuey are crunchy and tastes good also so we have no left over of this on the serving platter.  The Camaron Rebosado is a bit salty but it blends well when dipped with the Thousand Island sauce. 

About the Price: 

     We only paid Php 895.00 which also includes 3 cups of rice and 1 bottle of 1 liter Seven-Up soda which is already very affordable and reasonable enough for their food, ambiance, location and fast and prompt service.

Nipa huts

Mer-Ben's Nipa hutMer-Ben's Nipa Hut

     Since Nipa huts are located outside the restaurant, there were stray dogs and cats that came near our hut but good thing they just stand there sit there in front of us waiting for any left over or food to be thrown out to them.  There was also a group of young singers approached our hut and after singing their piece handed over an envelope for solicitation, we gave them money for their nice song but the guard reproached them to leave the restaurant premises as they were not connected or part of the restaurant's entertainment show.   

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