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5 Cheap Thrilling Actions In Dubai During Winter

On a shoestring budget you can enjoy a rich Dubai trip this winter season. There is variety to enjoy and that are truly priceless. Now the winter evening will never make you sad instead you have many options to avail during the sunny day or at the dark nights. For most of us budget remains quite a big hindrance when we think of any outdoor activity but by keeping within the budget limitation you can have a great time in Dubai. What cheap thrilling actions you can enjoy in Dubai during the winter season, you can read the following lines.

Best Places To Spend Christmas Holidays

Honestly, I or we cannot enjoy ourselves during the holidays, what is left for the rest of the year? The Christmas holidays are the only time of year people truly let go of all their troubles and worries, and experience togetherness like never before! But is it all about the Holidays? Aren't we forgetting that it is the people we hang out with and the venue we celebrate in that really puts smiles on our faces? So, what is the best place to spend the Christmas holidays? Well, that depends if you are single or not. Let's take both scenarios into consideration and draw our conclusions form there.

Our Very Own Gourmet Food tours in Bologna

I must say that although I knew that Bologna is an excellent holiday destination, I got a lot more than I expected. The food tour in particular was a complete delight. I had gone there with my husband and he too was very pleased with the experience. Our tour company had organized for us to the Bologna gourmet food tour that takes one day. It started pretty early in the morning – we had to be on the road from Bologna to Modena at 7.15 in the morning. We were going to see how Parmesan cheese is made and we were looking to buy some to take back home – I had read up on its production and learnt that the stuff we have back home is nothing compared to the real thing.

Review: Swiss-rentals website

Switzerland is a neighboring country of Austria in Europe that’s why it also has the best view of the Alpines and ski or snowboarding is the mainstream leisure activity they have to offer for their tourists.  Being said that, it would be best to book apartment or villa situated near the site to maximize your stay and have the best holiday you could have just like you are in the comfort of your home.

Review: Travel to Austria website

Whether you’ll be visiting Austria to ski on its infamous Alpines or rummaging a sale on Christmas Markets in Vienna, Graz, Salsburg and other major cities and towns which runs this November until December, well I’m sure you will need a perfect place to stay in Austria that would suit your requirements and the easiest way for anybody to find and book an accommodation is through searching the website.

Restaurant hopping in Tagaytay our last day itinerary

Time to leave Canyon Woods Our check-out time at Canyon Woods should be 12:00 noon but they allowed us to extend until 1:00 p.m. so we maximized our stay in our room, just in time we finished packing our things the bell boy arrived on time and carried our things on the trolley and brought it out and helped us to put it on our car.   We left the hotel happy and at the same time satisfied with the friendly approach and good service of the crews from the receptionist, maintenance and bellboy.  They deserve a commendation for their good customer service.

Dining at Canyon Woods Pavilion with stunning view

I have shown on my other post the room and pool of the hotel in Canyon Woods, and this time I am going to bring you to their Pavilion where we had our brunch.  It is detached from the hotel where it has its own building which can be reached by walking and you have an option if you would want to bring your own vehicle or arrange a vehicle at the reception to bring you there, one of their vehicles are golf carts parked outside the lobby of the hotel.

Dinner in the hut at Mer-Ben's Tapsilogan Tagaytay

Mer-Ben Tapsilogan We decided to have dinner outside Canyon Woods after having the kids swim in the pool and also we still want to discover and try out other restaurants in Tagaytay.  Beef is abundant in Tagaytay because most cattle industries are in Batangas that supplied the freshest beef meat in most of the restaurants and markets in the nearby towns, and I guess all restaurants in Tagaytay has Bulalo and Tapa as staple in their menu.   We considered Mer-Ben because we got some positive feedback about their Tapsilog menu.  Tapsilog is a short term for Tap – Tapa, Si- Sinangag (fried rice) and Log – itlog (egg) and when it usually comes with other variants or combinations like Chicsilog (chicken,sinangag,itlog) Longsilog (Longanisa,sinangag,itlog) and Tocilog (Tocino,sinangag,itlog)and among many other fried food which can be combined with fried rice and either scrambled egg or sunny side-up.

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