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RSM Lutong Bahay restaurant in Tagaytay

Our family love to eat and in every place that we visit, we always look out for the best food they have to offer, and Tagaytay is best known to serve the best “Bulalo” so we included in our itinerary to have our lunch in Tagaytay before proceeding to Canyon Woods where we are going to stay for two days.

Family staycation in Canyon Woods and food tripping in Tagaytay

At long last! Our vacation pushed through which was postponed for several times due to bad weather caused by typhoons the previous months and followed by my kids’ first trimester exams last month so it took us 4 months since we purchased the vacation package from an online website store.  It was actually a 2 days stay in Canyon Woods located in Laurel, Batangas.  We got it at 50% off which was originally priced at Php6,000.00 but it can only be used on regular days so my husband and I had to leave for work as well as my kids from their school. 

France or Austria? Which Hosts Europe’s Leading Ski Resorts?
     If you are thinking of taking a ski holiday for the very first time, you need to make sure you pick a country that has the very best on offer. You need to choose a place that can cater for the level of experience you have and can offer you other types of leisure activities to make your holiday complete. So, do you choose France or Austria for your European vacation? Let’s have a quick look at both countries and see what they have to offer.

My travel wish list with AirAsia Zest - The Right Way to Fly!

There are so many places here in the Philippines that are already renowned worldwide because of its natural beauty and some of them has given recognition by tourists as one of the very best they have experienced from their travels.  I may say that I have traveled from North to South of the Philippines but haven’t been to all those places that has given pride to this country.
     These three travel wish list that I would want to explore in the Philippines are:
      First on the list is Puerto Princesa.  I would love to experience going underground sailing on a boat seeing the massive stalactites and stalagmites at the Underground River which has been bombarded with tourists especially when it was hailed and voted as one of the Seven Wonders of the World in 2012. 

Our two days stay in Cititel Express Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Cititel Express was our home for two days when we traveled in Kuala Lumpur, it is located in Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman.  We booked two rooms which include breakfast, one triple sharing and the other one deluxe queen.  When we travel, most often we include breakfast so we don't have to worry where to eat early in the morning when we wake up so that after eating, we can clean ourselves and we can go out early and have more time to visit many places to explore. The hallway to the rooms are quite big and clean, as well as the inside room.

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