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Highlights of our road trip in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

In my previous post I left you hanging with my preview of KL Hop-on Hop-off bus, and this post is the continuation of where the bus brought us and I will show you the highlights of our tour within the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

My first tour in Kuala Lumpur and Hop-On Hop-Off bus ride

I could still recall out trip in Kuala Lumpur back in 2009 it was the last day of October then, I remembered there was a coming strong typhoon which will hit Metro Manila and its nearby towns.  On our way to Ninoy Aquino International Aiport terminal 3 we heard from the news on radio that airlines were cancelling their flights for that night, we were worried that our flight might be included.  But fate is with us, Cebu Pacific did not cancelledflight to Kuala Lumpur and leave at exactly 8:55 p.m.

From Oxford Hotel Singapore to where our feet brought us

During our stay in Singapore we booked in Oxford Hotel  to sleep in for two nights, it is a budget hotel located in Queen Street, Bugis .  They have the basic necessities for their guests to sleep in for a night.  We were three in the room with my two siblings and there were only two single beds but we arranged an extra bed which they put in the middle which made the room crowded for the three of us. 

Aspiring for New Zealand as my second home

One of the countries that I admire when it comes to natural scenery is New Zealand, its vast lands with picturesque view of mountains and greenery have been used mostly as backdrop of Hollywood movies where I had my first glimpse of its magnificent beauty.

Deal only with DEALFLICKS on your favorite flick

Isn't it great to watch every movie you want in theaters without even considering that it will hurt your budget? The average price per ticket this year ranges from $7.94 to $8.16 and that depends also if its in 3D or IMAX movie, that cost could already buy you a 2 to 3 meals which is why I noticed that movie theaters are full mostly after pay day but in between those pay days movie houses have lots of empty seats.

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