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Cheap flights to South Africa and LOT Airline fares

Great news to all travelers! Cheap flights to South Africa and LOT Airline fares are on the way..
    If you are from US and planning to have a vacation, tour or have a business trip in South Africa you can save $50.00 if you book a roundtrip flight to South African Airways through Vayama.  Booking starts now until September 15, 2013.  So come down to Cape Town and discover one of the most beautiful cities in the world or make Johannesburg your gateway to an unforgettable South African adventure. Discover Nairobi so book now and save. $50 OFF to more of Africa! 

Viva! Vivo City

Vivo City is the biggest mall in Singapore which is located in Harbourfront Walk, and this is where the train station going to Sentosa Island is located.  I also had the chance to have a last minute shopping when we came from Sentosa because the following morning was our scheduled flight back to Manila, so while the mall was still open we had the chance to window shop and also bought some for ourselves.

Sights and Sounds of Sentosa

Right after sightseeing Singapore city via the Duck Tour we took a cab from Suntec City mall and headed to Vivo City where we have to catch the special train specifically going to Sentosa Island.  It is the biggest theme park in Singapore which offers a lot of activity to enjoy and in fact you can spend your whole day in Sentosa Island to be able to see and experience all.

Exploring Suntec City's Koi Garden And Fountain of Wealth

We arrived Suntec City mall too early so most of the store inside were closed, but the entrance is already open for office workers having their offices in that building, that's why we were able to get inside.  Our purpose in going to Suntec City is not to shop for electronic gadgets which is Suntec City mall is known for having the latest and selling the cheapest electronic gadget in Singapore.  The reason we were in that mall was to catch the first voyage of the Duck tour at 10:00 a.m. 

Sightseeing Singapore in an hour via Duck Tour

One of the most memorable and exciting experience when I traveled Singapore in 2009 was the Duck Tour ride.  We only had one day to tour around Singapore so our limited time to travel around making it easier to have a glimpse on most of the tourist attractions that Singapore has to offer.

Our pleasant stay in RB Lodge Kalibo

This is where our first stop over where we spent our night when we had our scheduled business trip to a nearby town.  RB Lodge was our choice, then because it suited our budget, near bus and FX terminals going to Caticlan, Iloilo, Roxas and it is near the Kalibo airport, a 15-minute tricycle traveler had brought us there instantly.

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