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One night stay in Alla Luna Rossa Resort Boracay

Photo credit to Agoda
           As I have mentioned in my previous post that I was on a business trip and our stay here in Boracay was just a result of a postponement of a scheduled business endeavor in the nearby town of Caticlan which led us to have a short visit in Boracay and booked the resort that could accommodate us because I just had this booking a night prior. There were also available resorts, but we wanted a front line beach resort in station 2 that would fit our budget. And that time Alla Luna Rossa Resort fitted in what we are looking for.

Sidetrip to Boracay on a business trip

Whenever there’s a possibility for me to combine work and travel I would definitely pinch in my desire to travel, especially if my assignment would be out of town.  There was this instance, that I was able to have a glimpse of Boracay and indulge in its pristine clear waters when I had a project in Culasi, Antique which is nearby Caticlan, where the Boracay Island is located.

Map out your tour on your smart phone

I am always on a look out for travel destination and tours of places I haven’t been to and what particularly interests me is if I could search it easily in the internet using my smart phone. Nowadays this is the handiest gadget wherein an easy access to any information on whatever in particular you would want to know about is already available online. That is why smart phones are now becoming a very useful tool that could make our lives easy in search for anything in the net.

Relaxation, pampering and sumptuous food at Wensha Spa Antipolo

This is a different kind of spa I have experienced in Antipolo, not only they offer a complete body massage where you will be relaxed and pampered but also a sumptuous meal with all-you-can-eat package. The whole package would amount to PHP 780.00 which consists of use of shower, Jacuzzi, steam bath, sauna, either whole body massage or foot spa and as what I have mentioned an eat all you can buffet menu.

Animals in the zoo at Baluarte

For many times I have been to different zoos and have already seen different animals, and what else could be common to see in a zoo are wild animals like tigers, lion, snakes, crocodiles and friendly animals like birds, turtles and giraffe, but what I wanted to see here in Baluarte and I think the difference from other zoos I've been to are the different breeds of miniature horses that are caged in the center of the zoo.   

Burgos Ilocos Norte's Kapurpurawan rock formation

Another tourist attraction in Ilocos Norte is this extraordinary wonder of nature called Kapurpurawan rock formation. Its name “Kapurpurawan” was derived from an Ilocano word which means whiteness as depicted from its color. 

Firmoo Eyeglass giveaway promo (ENDED)

Whenever I go on a long day travel I always bring with me my sunglasses not just for fashion trend or to suit my outfit, but the most important thing is to protect my eyes from the harmful effect of sun's ultraviolet radiation.  I love seeing the beauty of our nature and the wonderful things around us, and I am willing to travel a long mile if it is within my capacity to do so, just to see and witness any work of art be it man-made or God creation, that's why I keep on protecting my eyes.  Although I am not that too old nor too young I  can say that I still have a perfect 20/20 vision (I'll just keep my age a secret.. LOL!) and they are pretty much in a good condition.

Pagudpud Casa Victoria Beach Resort

When we reached the Arc of Pagudpud our excitement heightened even more because we are already near the beach and this was the most expected part of our trip, especially the kids, they kept on talking about swimming and playing on the beach since the time we left Manila, that every time we go to our destination which was often located near a beach they kept on asking if we were already in Pagudpud.

Electrifying images of Windmills in Bangui Ilocos Norte

I wasn't electrocuted here in these photos which caused my hair to raise like crazy, it was the strong winds that caused my hair to go unruly and fly in every direction which the wind leads them to.  I came near one of those 20 windmills in Bangui, which is 70 meters high that resembles a gigantic electric fan.  They are situated near a shoreline that's why getting near its foot is already a struggle because a mixture of sea splash and wind will hit your skin, that's why even though the sun is already at its peak, you can't feel the heat when you are beside the windmill.

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