May 31, 2013

Thanks NuffnangPh for Fast and Furious 6 tickets!

     Last Friday night I had so much fun together with my husband as we watched the first screening of Fast and Furious 6 at Shangri-La Cineplex 1 in Mandaluyong City. I had 2 free tickets to the movie courtesy of Nuffnang Philippines and Kettle Korn, as prize for their blog contest promo which my entry was chosen amongst the 50 winners each will get a 2 free passes for the movie screening.  It was my first time to win in Nuffnang blog contest that’s why I was so excited when AJ Yabut of Nuffnang Philippines emailed me on May
21 at around 2:30 p.m. to be exact, that my blog entry was one of the winners for the first movie screening of Fast and Furious 6, I immediately replied to their RSVP form as my conformity that I will attend to the screening.  I even announced to all my social accounts that I have won this contest due to my gratefulness and excitement at that time.

Here’s the invitation I received from Nuffnang:

Fast and Furious 6 movie invite

     Well about the movie, it is fun and exciting with lots of twists on characters, with fast paced sequencing of each story line, it has no dull moments, and just like the title of the movie the story is getting faster and faster and the characters getting furious from beginning to end.  Just like the first five series wherein car chasing is the main action of the movie and also featuring the nicest cars you seldom see in the real world, in FF6 they have added a formula-1 like a race car as used by the villain actor Luke Evans (Shaw) in the first chase, then a huge tanker recklessly running along a highway, and the final chase an airplane.  I wonder now what they will use next in the next franchise, as the ending of the story Jason Statham appeared talking on a cellular phone, whether he will be the next villain or not you can already predict that the series hasn’t ended yet in the 6th series.

     If you've seen the 5th franchise it ended with the main characters Vin Diesel (Dom Toretto) and Paul Walker (Brian O’ Conner) fled to Rio de Janeiro with millions of money to live and settle a new life, as well as their other members who are scattered in different places.  In 6th series Dom was compelled to re-unite the team for a new assignment which he can’t resist when U.S. Security Agent Dwayne Johnson (Hobb) offered them a U.S. pardon if the team will help them capture an international syndicate lead by Luke Evans (Shaw), Dom was struck and dutifully abide by Hobb’s request when he heard from him that his old girlfriend Michelle Rodriguez (Letty) whom he thought was already dead is still alive, but is working under Shaw’s team.  So the whole story revolves around this new assignment on how they will topple down this relentless syndicate.

For me, although I find some scenes to be predictable and there are too good to be true stunts and actions that made me utter – Ohws?!   I will still give this movie my two thumbs up for the entertainment factor that made me want to buckle up and fasten my seatbelt as the story gets intense until the movie ends.

Watch the official trailer here...

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