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Staples Meadowlands Palace Auburn Hills


Staples Center, Palace of Auburn Hills and New Meadowlands Stadium are among the venues in America, which held live sports, concerts and entertainment events all year round. These 3 stadiums are the homes of L.A. Lakers for Staples Center, Detroit Pistons for Palace of Auburn Hills and New York Giants for New Meadowland stadium.

Ride on as I tour you to Hongkong amusement park destination-Ocean Park

We spend our second day in Ocean Park which is the first theme park in Hong Kong opened way back 1977 prior to their renowned other theme park Disneyland which opened  in the 80’s.   The park has two areas – ‘The Waterfront’ which is located at the lower part of the mountain and ‘The Summit’ which is on top of the mountain.

The wonderful world of Disney in Hongkong

This is the first time that all of us including my family and kids traveled outside of the country, we chose Hong Kong as our first out-of-the-country because it's the nearest country from the Philippines and considering we have kids with us, 12 years old and 2 year old, and our first destination is the world best theme park - Disney Land!

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