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Farm of strawberries at La Trinidad, Benguet

Strawberry fields La Trinidad, Benguet

The weather is cool and sunny when we arrived here around 12 o'clock noon, that's why we have to bring an umbrella to protect our skin from the sun.   

It's so nice to see those strawberries springing from its leaves, ready to be picked by its farmer or by any person who want to buy directly from the this farm.

Zoobic Safari Adventure

Zoobic Safari, Subic, Philippines
    A close encounter with the hungry ferocious tigers is the main event of our tour in Zoobic.  In the middle of the tour, you will be given a chance to get near them.  To get inside their habitat, we had to ride in an enclosed jeep, with customized steel matting windows on both sides and on top.  Since we are seeking for an adventure we opted to bring a piece of meat to lure the tigers to come near our vehicle, you also have a choice if you just want to see them in their habitat or a real adventure by enticing them with a piece of meat so they will come near you. 

A peek to Tam-awan Village

A 20 minute drive from Baguio City proper, lies the Tam-awan village in Pinsao where Ifugao  Nipa huts are built on a mountain for tourist attraction.  

Horse back riding at Wright Park

Wright Park, Baguio City

     Wright Park is one of the nearest destinations from where we had our lunch and my daughters are so excited to ride a horse so I let them have their own horse, of course with a guide.  I paid for Php200.00 each horse for a 30 minute ride.  If you want to ride for an hour it will cost you Php300.00. 

Lunch at Glenn 50's Diner Baguio

After checking–in at our hotel and took a short nap we headed to 50’s Diner to eat lunch, we chose this restaurant because it has a very good review of the internet search on where to eat in Baguio.  It was past 1:00 pm and there are still customers waiting for their turn to be accommodated inside the dining area, at 1:30 we were led inside.  The waiting is satisfied because the food is good and they're serving per order is good enough for 2 to 3 persons.  One thing I just don’t like in this place are the “ukay-ukay” occupying their parking lot, that’s why we had difficulty finding the restaurant because of the merchant vendors blocking their facade.

A cozy place to stay in Baguio - Dely's Inn

The last time I have visited Baguio was in 2005. As I have expected, the improvement has been tremendous in terms of quantity of people, establishments were everywhere, mountains implanted with houses instead of trees.   Nevertheless I’m thrilled to see Baguio again!

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