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Winter, Spring, Summer, Or Fall, There's A Destination For All!

Every season of the year is magical that it can be even more magical if you decide to spend it in one of the most beautiful places in the world. So let's give you four destinations to choose from.

Winter: Norway

Norway is quite popular in the summer, but if you want to make the most of the Aurora Borealis, it's best to go in the winter. But for the people who ask is the Aurora only in winter, that's not the case, but the winter is the best time of year to catch it. It's recommended to go between January and March. But it's not just the Northern Lights that make it magical in winter, you can go skiing and sledding and take part in winter sports.

Spring: The UK

It's probably the greatest place to go in the world in spring. Beautiful green fields and picnics, as well as long walks on the sides of riverbanks. You could practically throw a stone up in the air, and it would hit a beautiful seaside resort where you could relax. Or you could go to one of the many places of natural beauty in the UK, such as the Bodnant gardens in Wales, or view the quaint views of the Cotswold’s from one of their many holiday cottages. Or you could take a road trip to the Lake District in the north of England and see beautiful jagged rocks and streams as far as the eye can see.

Summer: Milan

Some places in the summer are too hot to enjoy the weather properly so you may as well relax with an espresso and a brioche crème in one of Milan's many coffee bars. Or if you are after a spot of culture you could visit the cathedral in Milan, the Duomo, and get a spectacular view of the city from the roof. If you're not keen on sightseeing, get yourself down to one of the many authentic Italian restaurants where you can get fantastic pizza at a decent price.

Autumn: New York

You haven't really lived until you've seen the crisp autumn leaves fall in a New York neighborhood. The cool air and the vibrancy of the greatest city in the world are something everyone has to experience in their lives. And that's not just to say you can sit by and watch the leaves fall! You could take part in some of the many seasonal events NYC has to offer such, as Oktoberfest in Central Park, cider week in popular drinking establishments like the Chelsea Wine Vault, or even go on Haunted Lantern Tours at Fort Totten Park. Or if you're a film buff, you could go on one of the many movie tours. You could argue that New York is great in every season, but autumn is where it communicates its charms.

And there you have it. For every season there is always something fantastic to do, and whether you are an adventurer or you like to keep it simple, there's always something beautiful around every corner in every season.


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