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The Best Countries For A Road Trip

Nothing quite beats that freedom of hitting the highway and journeying into the unknown. When looking for a roadtrip abroad, there are countless options. For those yearning those long open roads with no traffic and lots of sights along the way, here are some of the best countries to satisfy your roadtrip fantasies.


It should be no surprise that America is on this list. Most of us have heard of Route 66. In terms of openness, nothing beats it, however if you’re looking for sights along the way and a bit more variation, California has many options. You can take a non-direct route from Los Angeles to San Francisco and see Yosemite National Park, Vegas and even the Grand Canyon.


Australia has some huge open roads. Start from Perth and you’ll find some great affordable car hire places. You can then go all the way up to Coral Bay, or head on even further to Darwin. Much of Australia is barren which makes it perfect for those wanting to live life a little ruggedly. The climate is warm enough all year around to go camping – you could drive in the day and then pitch up a tent somewhere when you want to stop.


If open roads don’t do it for you and you prefer winding and more challenging routes, why not try Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way? It’s the longest coastal route in the world and offers some incredible clifftop views, beaches and olde-worlde settlements along the way. Start at Malin Head just west of Northern Ireland and make your way down to the most southerly tip at Mizen Head.

South Africa

South Africa’s Garden Route may sound like a leisurely drive but it packs everything from scenic coastlines, safari wildlife and countless places to eat and stay along the way. You can take a detour into the Cango Caves and stop in a restaurant for a spot of wine and fine dining.


There are lots of driving adventures to be found in Japan. For seeing the major sites and cities, the Golden route is recommended. This takes you from Tokyo to Kyoto to Osaka. You can stop by Mount Fiji on the way and visit Hammamatsu. For those looking for something a little more rural and with less chance of heavy traffic, Northern Hokkaido has some excellent drives on offer.


For true rugged driving, Mongolia is a hidden gem. The roads are barely roads, but this gives it an extra thrill. Mongolia is also the finishing place of the world famous Mongol Rally. In this charity event that anyone can join, members must drive from London to Ulanbataar in Mongolia using whichever route they can. Some treat it as a race, but you can take as long as you want – taking in some of the sights and experiences along the way. Most people take 3 to 8 weeks to complete this around the world rally. Let loose the true adventurer within you and sign up! 


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