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Baliuag Bulacan procession on Holy Week

Every Holy week, in the observance of Catholic religious activities in the Philippines, some churches are holding a Lenten procession which starts at 7:00 in the evening of Good Friday from the Church and ends at the Church.   The procession has carriages with statues of Jesus Christ and other biblical icons which depicts the story of Jesus’ crucifixion.  The number of carriages varies in every Church because it depends on its community on how many families or organization has their own and who has enlisted to join the procession. 

Review: Trogir-Apartments for rent in Trogir, Croatia

Trogir is a historic town of Croatia and in fact listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites because of its preserved Romanesque churches and Baroque buildings and now has become a tourist attraction which brought half of their economic source of Trogir.  The influx of tourists led private hotels and apartments to be listed online for easy access to tourists who wants to have an affordable place to stay while they are in Trogir.  One of the websites that offers an assistance to tourists for available and cheap accommodations is 

Review: Private Shore Trips a private port excursion company

Private Shore Trips is a website that offers private port excursions throughout the world which is administered by Travels with Friends LLC, a US based travel company established in 2001 by partners Steven Hurley and Roger Tinsman then later on in 2007, they were joined by Ken Diaz.  These gentlemen have an extensive experience in offering private travel tours which enabled them to create networks out of the pool of local guides they partnered with that paved the way for them to offer their service online. 

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