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Revisiting Nueva Vizcaya my mother's hometown

A blast from the past – Salinas Salt Spring
                After so many years I came back.  I could no longer recall what year when I last visited this humble province where my mother roots are from.  My last recount of this place was when I was still in college, back then when social media and blogging was obscure. The last exploration we had with my parents and siblings was when we climbed the Salinas Salt Spring in Bambang, which was the famous tourist spot of Nueva Vizcaya when it was still alive, it died after the 1990 earthquake.  So regretful  that I have never seen it’s clear salt spring that pours out on top of the white hill.  It was the salt spring that made the hill white.  My mother, who grew up in that province could testify how beautiful this was once before, she said that even from afar the luminous white tip of the hill can be seen, which made it stand out from the rest of its neighboring mountains. 

Review of RFK Holidays - Dubai Safari website

RFK Holidays is a website that offers travel consultation to those who want to explore and enjoy Dubai who are seeking for the best cost effective package to even luxury travel package.

March giveaway promo: DSLR Camera bag & Led watch from Koolerbuy

It’s summer once again and this March is officially the start of summer and many of our school kids are now starting to have their vacation.  I know many of you, families and friends are gearing to have their long weekend vacation out of town, maybe on the beach or have already booked their travel out of the country.  And of course in those travels one would never leave without taking with them their camera, even though most of us already have a camera phone we would still bring our precious camera to capture those moments whether a simple point and shoot camera or a complex DSLR camera.  And speaking of DSLR camera, how would you want to get a free camera bag for your DSLR camera?  Check out this cool Koolertron Camera bag which you can win:
Koolertron FB-XJBB01 Waterproof Lightweight DSLR Camera Bag

Baguio Flower Festival Grand Float Parade

Panagbenga 2014
     'Panagbenga' means 'season of blooming' and every February of the year the City of Baguio is celebrating a month long event of different activities and of which the main highlight is the Grand Float flowers parade which occurs on the last Sunday of February.  This year it was held last February 23 where I was able to see the twenty two different floats that participated in the parade.  

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