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Infographic: Gourmet Foods of the World

Travel is not just about experiencing and exploring the place you want to go, as much as possible you want to satisfy all your senses when you are in a new place.  You wanted to feel and taste everything good the place could offer as long as you can whenever possible.  And with this, when we travel, we explore the place and likewise find the food that is distinctive and considered as gourmet food from this place because when we do that, that’s the time we can already conclude that we have completely conquered the place.  

Why I prefer airport transfers when traveling

I cannot imagine how we reach our hotel without the assistance of airport transfers, we hired when I and my family traveled to Hong Kong. I remember this incident when we first went to Hong Kong and it is also our first trip out of our country. The Hong Kong International Airport is one of the largest and busiest international airport located in Southeast Asia. There are several types of transport vehicle at the airport either taxi or bus, which tourist could choose from but when there are lots of tourists you will have to wait for your turn in queue to get a ride.  In our case since we contracted an airport transfer we were able not to experience the hassle of waiting and had our time to relax a bit at the lounge area from where we were picked up by the assigned chauffeur for us that brought us to our hotel just in time for our check-in hour.

Guide on where to stay in Vodice, Croatia

Vodice is a coastal town in Croatia with a few population approximately around ten thousand in numbers.  Because of its natural beauty and great location that claimed a large bayside, most tourists are visiting Vodice to take their time for a holiday in the beaches that has crystal clean water, white sands and colorful pebbles lying around those sands. Tourists can also enjoy island hopping with the taxi boats that can be hired at the bay. 

Unleash your fantasy with Underwater Phantaseas

I love the beach! And there is nowhere I find solitude rather than this place.  But what’s ironic about it is that I am not a good swimmer and until now I still have butterflies in my stomach every time I swim in the beach and maybe because I lack the proper training.  If I got the proper training in swimming and scuba diving I might have that confidence to swim even in the deepest part of the sea until where I can hold my breath.

Review: City Edge Apartment Hotels in Melbourne

It’s my first time to encounter a booking site where you can customize your stay when booking with them.  City Edge Apartment Hotels in Melbourne, Australia offers this kind of extras you can add up on top of a regular booking like these optional extras to ease your stay with them, so more time for travelers to explore the laid back city atmosphere of Melbourne.  These optional extras are breakfast, apartment servicing per day, late checkout, early check-in and cot.     

Discovering Istria: The Heart of the Peninsula

For many travelers who visited Istria the remarks they would give would be positive such as a beautiful and charming place to visit.  Certainly not a typical tourist destination where the crowds are smaller, a quaint tourist attraction that would strike your curiosity to explore more of its Mediterranean beauty.

A morning walk at the Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong

While most of the shopping centers open in Hong Kong at around 11:00 a.m., a morning walk along Tsim Sha Tsui is good to spend time exploring the waterfront of Victoria Harbor view where you could breathe a fresh cool air and take time to relax if the weather is good.  An impressive sight of Hong Kong’s business skyline can be seen fronting the Harbor and occasional passerby are strolling along the nice tiled pavement.  One of the tourist attractions in Tsim Sha Tsui is the Avenue of Stars where the statues and hand prints of known and award winning Hong Kong celebrities and film directors have their stars with names on this spot.

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