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A towering view of Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

Our last destination in our first day Ilocos itinerary is this old lighthouse in Burgos which is one hour drive from where we came, at Malacanang Palace of the North located in Paoay.    

Grandiose Malacanang Palace of the North

This has been the second home of the First family of the Philippines during the reign of former Ferdinand Marcos, who was known as an Ilocano, born and raised in Ilocos Norte and reigned as president for twenty years from 1965 until such time that his government has toppled down in 1986 by the new administrator former President Corazon C. Aquino.  When the new government took place, some of the wealth of the Marcoses has been sequestered, which was deemed as an ill gotten wealth and was turned over to the government for administration, and one of which is this grandiose palace as called in Ilocano as "Malacanang ti Amianan", in English it means "Malacanang of the North".  

In the desert of Paoay Ilocos Norte

Ilocos already have it all. From heritage sites, nice beaches, good food and also a desert, yes that’s right!

Magnificent Paoay Church

Looking from a distance, the melancholic image of St. Augustine church or better known as Paoay Church cannot hide the fact that any tourist will get awed with its magnificence, in its archaic design derived from Europe as common to Catholic churches which is called Baroque architecture that has been significantly used in Catholic church design. 

Museum of the Marcoses in Ilocos Norte

From Vigan City and right after Laoag City, Batac is another two hour land travel where the old house of the Marcoses has been transformed into  a museum and mausoleum of former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos. 

Vigan Ilocos Sur: An aura of cultural heritage

When we set foot in Vigan, it seems we were brought in a different time zone looking at those old buildings and structures that are reminiscent of the Spanish era way back centuries ago when life back then was so laid back, adding to the scene are the old mode of transportation during their time which is called "Kalesa", a carriage with a horse. 

3 days Ilocos tour – Vigan, Paoay, Burgos and Pagudpud

This is the memorable vacation I had this year, because not only I have with me my family, but together with my friends with their families also.  This trip has been long been planned since last quarter of last year that every time we have a get together this Ilocos trip has been brought over our discussions as our next itinerary until we were able to finalize the date when everyone can join, and so the set date was last February 22 to February 25.

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