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Countdown to 2013 at Eastwood Mall

We celebrated New Year at Eastwood to witness the countdown to 2013 fireworks, and we are all excited because it was our first time as family to celebrate New Year not in our house.  Every year we have fireworks and fire crackers at our house minutes before the eve of New Year, but this year we decided not to buy one and instead go to Eastwood to celebrate and watch fireworks.

Food trip at Qizia Cafe restaurant in Marikina

Every December on a holiday season we always schedule a visit to my in-laws at their house to have a moment of bonding, since this is the only time that majority of us are already on a Christmas vacation.And last December 30 we had a simple family get together at Qizia Cafe, Marikina.We’ve invited them over to have lunch at this restaurant to have a different ambiance and we also want them to taste the food at this restaurant in Marikina which has became one of our favorite restaurant to eat whenever were craving for Italian food like pizza, pasta, cakes and pastries located near our place and which is budget friendly.

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