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Habitat for Philippine endangered species

Philippine Eagle CenterMalagos, Baguio District, Davao City
     After our fun filled activities in Eden Nature Park we headed to the Philippine Eagle Center, which is open only from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and we only have a few minutes time left.  From Eden it took us about 15 minutes with our hired taxi to get to the place.

Family bonding at Eden Nature Park

Our first itinerary in our plan is to visit Nature Eden Park which is located in Mount Talomo, Toril, Davao.  We took a taxi to drive us for our first day itinerary so we can maximize our time in each of our destination. On our way the driver keeps on describing what can we see there and the activities we can do inside, which made us so excited to reach the place immediately and my 2 kids are enjoying the conversation  with the driver, asking him if there is like this or like that, and the man is likewise happy answering their queries.  As we

Pregnant traveller in Davao

Davao itinerary guide

  I was conceiving for 5 months when I travelled Davao in January of 2011, and my condition did not hinder my eagerness to travel and explore new places, as it was our first time to visit the capital of Durian in the Philippines. It was a planned trip with my family and my condition during that time was in good shape, my baby inside might be excited too!

Sail Away with ‘The Cebu Party Boat’ weekend getaway

The Cebu Party Boat

     Something new and exciting three day weekend getaway awaits you this November 23-25 as ‘The Cebu Party Boat will have its second sail from the city on this date.

     So what’s in store for you?

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