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Digyo Island, a hidden paradise

One of the four islands of Cuatro Islas in Inopacan, Leyte which is the smallest and farthest among the four islands.

      After a day's tour in Baybay town and nearby beaches, we are still clamoring to see more of Leyte's beauty. We were told that Cuatro Islas at Inopacan, a nearby town after Baybay has this beautiful island called Digyo which is not so well known to tourists.


From where I stand here on Inopacan beach, Cuatro Islas (meaning four islands) can be seen at the back of me.
    An early morning bus ride to Inopacan beach took us thirty minutes to get there where we will take a boat to Digyo island. The weather is fine and the tide is still low, there were no tourists can be seen around because it's one of their low season month for tourists and so their fee for renting their banca cost us only Php 1,200.00, but during their peak month it can raise to Php 1,600.00. The capacity of the boat is just enough for us four people including the boatman.

A resident nearby having a swim with his dog.

Mahaba Island

     Cuatro Islas composed of four islands namely Mahaba, Apid, Himukilan and Digyo. Mahaba is the nearest island among the four and a few commercial establishments are present.

     Island hopping is one of the best adventure activities you can enjoy here or you can just enjoy the boat ride and sightseeing around the islands just like we did because our target is Digyo island and we are pressed for time because we will be catching a plane back to Manila in the afternoon.

     We are already filled with astonishment at the sight were seeing as we passed the three islands, and we were so amazed at our first glance of Digyo island, its pristine clear waters, white powdery sands and the fact that this is the smallest among the four makes it more wonderful and enticing to the eyes.
Sightseeing around Mahaba island

Digyo Island
        A picture perfect scene. For me this is the best beach and island, so private and solemn, a peaceful haven away from the hustle and bustle of a city life.

A distant view of the three islands - Mahaba, Apid and Himukilan

Nipa hut where we stayed


     There were few Nipa huts built for rent on PHP 100.00 a day. There are no other facilities here so the activities you can do are limited to swimming, snorkeling, diving, sightseeing and picture taking.


     It's time to go and leave Digyo, we could have stayed for quite some time, but I received a call from Cebu Pacific that our flight will be scheduled to leave one hour earlier so we had to leave this wonderful place earlier. Good thing also that my cellular line is Globe Telecom because from Baybay to Digyo island my connection is continuous I was able to contact and update transactions in Manila.

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